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Katherine Melvin continues to operate the business out of their home after she obtained ownership of Melvin Photos in January 2008 when her husband, George Melvin decided that he did not want to continue with the business in the manner that he had for the past 20 years. He decided to sell the business to his wife and continue as a consultant and author. 


Sales continue to do well with both Tehachapi Today! and Boston and Maine Memories featuring Preston Johnson.  We have slowed down on the number of train shows we have done due to lack of sales in that arena.  We continue do the major show such as the Amherst Railroad Show in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Look for our new items on Ebay.  We have taken on a major project in our basement, we are cleaning it out and building a two level layout of the Cobbossee Branch of 


Melvin Photos developed out of what originally started as Rolling Stock Replicas, which was a business developed for designing and manufacturing model railroad cars and selling them to scale model railroaders.  George Melvin, a long-time railroad employee, modeler and photographer started Rolling Stock Replicas in 1986 with the sole purpose of hand building models that were painted to be a replica of an actual railroad car.  While some product development was completed, no commercial models were produced.  In the meantime, George tried selling black and white photographs, which proved to be a success at the shows.  Seeing a success with the black and white photographs color photographs and slides were included in the inventory.  In 2003, George decided to change the name to Melvin Photos and by this time had started consulting with Kathy about the operation of the business.  Kathy designed a database to track the inventory, increased marketing and set up a bookkeeping system for George.  In 2004, George and Kathy were married and Kathy continued on as a consultant in the business and George started teaching her about the various aspects of the products they carried.  For the past seven years we have traveled around the country taking photographs and doing research on railroads, wildlife and scenery to include in their inventory as well as buying collections to add to their resources.

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