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Tehachapi Today!

"Received your wonderful book today. All I can say is WOW! You have some GREAT Train Photography in that book. My wife is looking at it now and she really loves it also. This is the best book about Tehachapi I have ever seen! "(Robert, California)

"...brings back memories of good times in the ‘’golden hills’’ I am very satisfied with my purchase" (David, Australia)

"I’m very pleased. I like the format of a tour that starts in Bakersfield and heads south (east) pointing out all of the named locations along the way." (Bryce, California)
"I like the way you did it town by town Also the way you put a few "nature" shots into it.  My wife actually couldn't put it down" (Brian, Illinois)

Wonderful, finally a book about Tehachapi which is covering the new era (last 5 years)."  (Werner, Switzerland)

"It is a book that I recommend to someone who has never been to the Pass and is thinking of visiting. It gives you a good idea of where to go and what to expect as far as scenery and lighting at different times of the day. Having this book will save a new visitor a day of exploring to figure out what is what." (Todd, California)

"We got your book !!!! And a wonderful one it is." (Carl & Sandi, Connecticut)

"I LOVE it. The train pictures are great and they flow so nicely with the stories."
 Tinamarie, Florida

Customer Testimonials

"I am interested in the Grand Trunk-New England Lines and was exceedingly fortunate to have found Melvin Photos at the Springfield (MA) Big Railroad Show about five years ago.  With their help, I was able to select and buy from the best collection of GT-NEL photos I know.  I have also purchased many photos from them at train shows and from eBay.  George and Kathy know what they are talking about and it is a pleasure to buy from them."

"Dear George & Kathy, Success at last. I don't know where to begin to thank you for your wonderful help and patience in assisting me with this payment problem. Whatever the problem was, I have been able to make the payment to you. You folks have been more than cooperative in assisting me with this endeavor. Thank you so very much and especially for your patience and your understanding of my payment frustration. You are truly worthy of the title of "OUTSTANDING DEALERS". My many thanks to you.
Stanley E. Matys"

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